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I'm WouX. I call myself a multi-creative artist because in my work I try to use many different forms of expression. I am also a passionate, musician (more here) and differentist.

From the perspective of time, the desire to create has always been with me. From an early age I was fascinated by drawing and music, since studies also by digital graphics, animation and video. In 2007, together with a friend, we created the artistic duo Different Perception. During our activity, we created countless videos, graphics, paintings and character designs.

Since 2012, I am focused mainly on painting. I define my style as a differentism, that is, continuous experimentation, searching for new techniques and forms of communication, and exploring the limits of my own creativity. I like expressiveness, non-obviousness and authenticity. To date, I have painted over 300 paintings using various techniques and formats. During the act of creation, I use, in addition to all kinds of paints and traditional techniques, a variety of materials. This is how the Multipaintings - landscapes of imaginations are made.

For me, art is a side effect of the act of creation. Regardless of the type of art, creation is for me, primarily, an opportunity to have fun with: form, color, shape, composition, structure, color or word. Can you find out how the painting was made and what materials I used? I invite you to play - imagine, interpret, name and be inspired.

In 2016, I started designing clothes creating TheBASSement brand. Currently, the brand has in the offer also interior furnishings (more here).

My mission is to inspire, stimulate the imagination and encourage for creating and daring interpretations. I am happy when I can share with others a bit of positive emotions. Do you paint? If not, I sincerely recommend it. It's really a good fun.

"Life is a passion, passion is inspiration"

All creative.


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